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to invest: investir
I've invested a lot of money in this company. J'ai investi beaucoup d'argent dans cette entreprise.
an investment: un investissement
As a result of some sound investments I made last year, I earned a lot of money this year. Suite à des investissements judicieux, j'ai gagné beaucoup d'argent cette année.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I've invested a lot of money in my son's education.
US: Buying my house was an excellent investment.


  • "Wellington, the capital, is attracting a lot of foreign investment these days."
  • "I'm ready to invest in Delavigne, but you'll have to stop the music."
  • "Britons buy slice of American pie: UK citizens investing more and more in the American housing market"
  • "Your company's plan allows you to increase or decrease your monthly pay-in at any time, as well as to re-allocate the investments of your plan."
  • "If you're concerned about the market's future, you could invest in something more stable."
  • "Here I am investing in tofu and bitcoins like a dummy."
  • "Ms. Lohan already sits on our board of trustees, however she is considering investing a large amount of capital in the company, which would allow us to finally purchase the island zoo that Horatio keeps asking for."
  • "-What's this investment?"

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