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Gratuit et sans engagement.


to invite (someone over to a party): inviter (qq'un Ă  une fĂȘte)
(Did you get) an invite, an invitation (to Bob's party?): (Avez-vous reçu) une invitation (Ă  la fĂȘte de Bob ?)


  • "Next time I get married, you won't be invited."
  • "invite you to share in the joy of the marriage"
  • "Bruno : Well, I was invited to be the keynote speaker at a conference on cosmetics tomorrow morning in Boston."
  • "I've been invited to speak at the British-American Perfumers' Forum in London, England."
  • "I did call you in here to invite you to London, but I only have one extra ticket."
  • "I say "invite", but presence is compulsory."
  • "All of you, as well as your life partners, are invited."
  • "First you invite us to a wedding to a mysterious French man that you've never even mentioned to us."
  • "My grandmother invites us all for dinner in the countryside."
  • "You are cordially invited to my grand opening, which will be filled with art, snacks, and for the first time at any event that I've hosted, no strippers."

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