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Gratuit et sans engagement.


to join: rejoindre, rattacher, relier, souder, associer
May I join you? Puis-je me joindre Ă  vous?
Come join us for drinks. Venez prendre un verre avec nous.
Join us (if you'd like)!: Joignez-vous Ă  nous, venez avec nous (si vous voulez) !

Pronunciation examples
UK: Would you like to join me on the sofa?
US: Lucy will be joining us later this evening.


  • "Anyway Edward, I am off to join the bureau."
  • "Brian : But Bruno, I joined the navy."
  • "Thank you all for joining me on this conference call."
  • "We're joined by the people with strangest accents in all of San Francisco, and maybe the world."
  • "A very special intern has joined the Beachview lifeguard team."
  • "Please go to Horatio's laboratory at 6pm this evening, where you will be joined by fellow "volunteers", Hannah Benedict (Head of Retail) and Edward Moon (British intern)."
  • "We sincerely hope you will be able to join us."
  • "Joining us is a very special guest, who will test THX-1134's sales skills."
  • "Join us, as we discover life in the Parallel Funky Friday Universe Zone thing!"
  • "'Cause If I'm going to join the FBI, there'd better be some kissing."

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