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life: la vie
for life: à vie, à jamais, pour toujours

Pronunciation examples
UK: She lived a life of luxury.
US: Doctors are trying to save the child's life.


  • "Samantha : Well then, let's look at your life little Miss perfect."
  • "Life is like a river, flowing down a long mountain."
  • "Tonight, with a bit of luck, I am going to record the secret lives of the rich and famous!"
  • "In order to understand this complex man who has devoted his life to communicating with the dolphins, we must first examine his past."
  • "Everybody has a passion in life, and yours just happens to be perfumes."
  • "Philip : It's the life we've chosen, Harold."
  • "Susie : Jenny, what's happening in your life?"
  • "There comes a time in every man's life when he has to defend himself in a fight to the death."
  • "I've only crashed two planes in my life, there's nothing to worry about."
  • "One of Philip's closest colleagues, and least close friends, Brian Jones, will now say a few words about Philip's life."

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