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a lobster: un homard

Pronunciation examples
UK: When I sunbathe I turn as red as a lobster.
US: I'll have the lobster and a bottle of Chablis please.


  • "Remember the lobster tails!"
  • "If you're feeling a little bit peckish, I also have some lobster tails and some caviar in the kitchen."
  • "Friday's menu includes lobster Vichyssoise and New York Strip Steak."
  • "Please forgive me for my absence, and wish me luck as I visit one of America's oldest and most famous cities, known for its lobsters and difficult-to-understand accents!"
  • "Icarus: Perhaps it's the lobster tails, they are quite calorific."
  • "Subject: Re: Huckster, Hoodwink and Lobster Tails"
  • "Bruno : Yeah lobster is good."
  • "You must be sure to try the lobster for me."

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