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the main course, the main dish: le plat principal
What would you like for your main course? Que voulez-vous comme plat principal?
the first course: l'entrée


  • "Moira : It's called "haggis", Brent, and it's a traditional Scottish dish which has been around for hundreds of years."
  • "Not that I will have an appetite after this horrible main course!"
  • "Smoked salmon pâté Main courses"
  • "Are you ready to order a main course?"
  • "Luna DeLune: Ms. DeLune is apparently training to be a part time circus-yoga instructor (a combination of yoga, clowning, and partner acrobatics), and begins her first course early Friday evening."
  • "I made reservations for Chez Marguerite, but you must promise that you'll stick to an appetizer and a main course."

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