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now: maintenant, actuellement, à présent
Now (are we going to start the meeting?) : Alors (est-ce qu'on va commencer la réunion ?)


  • "Brent : So listeners, I am now inside the party: the first stage of my mission is complete."
  • "He's dead now."
  • "You can't leave now!"
  • "Now, I'd like everyone to treat Jermaine with the insanity and paranoia that he deserves, mmkay?"
  • "Lucie Lohan and I will now question all of the suspects present."
  • "Brian : Now Lucie, we're approaching Bruno's office."
  • "You each had the opportunity - and motive - to kill Stink... but now I'm going to tell you exactly who committed the terrible crime of doggy murder!"
  • "Brent : So Gloria, where are you taking me now?"
  • "Now, I just need to infiltrate this party and get past that enormous bouncer!"
  • "Now, the first thing we're going to do is..."

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