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nuclear: nucléaire, atomique


  • "Brian : Probably not... I don't enjoy nuclear war as much as I used to."
  • "Also... says something here about nuclear weapons, so maybe that's not the best idea."
  • "Uh huh...The nuclear explosion in the Pacific, yes sir!"
  • "A nuclear submarine?"
  • "Horatio : This is Giuseppe, he is my Chief of Staff, Minister of Education, and Head of our Nuclear Program. When I get home, Giuseppe prepares me a mojito and rolls me a big cigar."
  • "You are under arrest for detonating a nuclear bomb in the Pacific Ocean."
  • "Sailor : But don't you think renting a nuclear submarine was a little bit excessive?"
  • "Let's not think about what would happen if terrorists hijacked a plane with a nuclear reactor..."

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