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I'm number one!: Je suis le numéro un ! Je suis le premier ! Je suis le meilleur !
(Shmike is the) number one (footwear company in the US): (Shmike est le) numéro 1 (des chaussures de sport aux USA)


  • "Philip : Well it does say "I love my number one birthday boy" on it."
  • "Number one, I wanted to thank you."
  • "Everyone agrees that flashlights are the number one alternative to lamps and lights."
  • "He wants to be number one, so you've got to look out for him. But Frankie Fingers, down on Franklin Avenue, he's very ambitious."
  • "Princess Utopia : Welcome to Electric Ladyland, where pleasure is our number one priority."
  • "But if you DO find yourself looking for a new job, you should remember the following things: Number one, don't lie on your resumé."
  • "You will always be my number one best friend Bruno."

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