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officially: officiellement
After years of living together, they are now officially married. Après des années de vie commune, ils sont maintenant officiellement mariés.


  • "I am writing to officially tender my written notice of resignation from the Delavigne Corporation, effective two weeks from today."
  • "The Serious Fraud office has been called in, and, although they haven't officially announced their findings yet, the Sunday Roast has THE scoop: it appears that Leeson had been netting huge losses on unauthorised deals, and falsifying information to cover up his failures."
  • "Due to popular demand, as well as the concerning rise of obesity in our office, I'm proud to officially open the “Xavier Delavigne Memorial Sport and Fitness center for exercise”."
  • "We are now officially open for business!"
  • "Actually, this seems like a good time to officially tell you Bruno, I'm.."

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