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old: vieux, ancien
I am 35 years old: J'ai 35 ans

Pronunciation examples
UK: When I grow old, will you still love me?
US: I will love you as long as you don't look too old.


  • "Philip : Bruno, isn't he like a hundred and ten years old?"
  • "Bruno : Horatio, my oldest, dearest friend."
  • "Bruno : That old guy with a beard is one of the most prominent mathematicians in the world Brian."
  • "It's Manchester United versus Spurs in this important fifth-round cup tie here at Old Trafford"
  • "an angry old bear"
  • "Bruno : And some old photos, yes."
  • "I purchased an old soviet submarine on e-bay with the money my grandfather left me."
  • "What's that, old friend?"
  • "Brian : It looks like some old guy with a beard."

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