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once: une fois que, dès que
Once I saw the projected sales figures for next quarter, I knew it was going to be a good year. Dès que j'ai vu les chiffres des ventes pour le trimestre prochain, j'ai su que l'année allait être bonne.
(to do something) once: (faire quelque chose) une fois
I've only been there once. Je n'y suis allé qu'une seule fois.
If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times. Si je ne te l'ai pas dit cent fois, je ne te l'ai pas dit une fois.
once: jadis, autrefois

Pronunciation examples
UK: Once I saw the projected sales figures my mind was at ease.
US: I have only been to Senegal once in my life, but it was the greatest trip ever.


  • "Once you've fixed the engine, and fixed the hole in the hull."
  • "Stink barks once"
  • "There's something different about a man once his cock has been taken from him."
  • "On an island where we once flew"
  • "You're the only link I have to the world I once knew."
  • "My father once said, a dying British man will shoot you while you're trying to rob an airport."
  • "Did you know that this little girl once took a taxi to school for a week while the chauffeur was out sick?"
  • "Once you get used to the smell, it gets easier."

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