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an opinion: une opinion, un avis


  • "I've read the report and I've got some opinions about some new possible scents."
  • "Our readers would be fascinated to hear about your unique approach to accounting and your opinions on the finance world in general."
  • "Surely in this case, an expert's opinion is more important?"
  • "Well, those are two very strong opinions."
  • "I know opinion is divided on the subject, but I've always been a firm believer in not doing drugs before an interview."
  • "Man-hours lost to the Internet are just one aspect of the media overload in this journalist's humble opinion."
  • "Radio Rhubarb listeners, I'm interested in your opinions."
  • "Sigourney : So, I imagine that you must have an opinion on the trend of big businesses "doing their part" to help the environment."
  • "We have brains, Brian, and opinions and-"
  • "And finally 46% of you have no opinion either way or did not understand the question."

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