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(the door is) over here: (la porte est) par ici
adjective, adverb
(the chair is) over there, back there: (la chaise est) par là-bas
adjective, adverb


  • "Here is Red Square, there is blue square, over there is black square."
  • "Fat Face Sal : Then over here we got Frankie Fingers, Southside Johnny and Bob the Brit."
  • "Isn't it 10 o'clock in the morning over there?"
  • "Kevin : And that girl over there with the braces?"
  • "Yes, you, over there!"
  • "Kevin : That guy over there seems very young."
  • "But I've got to warn you, these are some pretty serious tough hombres back there..."
  • "Behind us is man with funny hat, and over there large river... which is also church, da?"
  • "How about that bear in the tree over there?"

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