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a park: un parc, un jardin (public)
an amusement park: un parc d'attractions


  • "The venue will be Golden Gate Park, next to Queen Wilhelmina's windmill."
  • "Please meet me at the green bench on the west side of Paradise Park on Friday, September 28th at 7:37 pm. I will be wearing a pink tuxedo with a black carnation."
  • "Unfortunately, the current economic climate has led to budget cuts, and the corporation cannot afford to take you on a guided tour of the park."
  • "The world's biggest amusement park."
  • "The park is teeming with wildlife and natural features, from the Old Faithful Geyser to the mountains, lakes, rivers, canyons and forests."
  • "Let me welcome you to Yellowstone Park, one of America's greatest natural spaces."
  • "Bruno : Glen Park?"
  • "I'm not going to the park with you, Jones"
  • "Kiwi : Well, have you already been to the park?"
  • "No Delavigne employee should have to sleep in a park!"

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