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a (television) screen: un écran (de télévision)


  • "If you need extra space, you can just drag your applications from one screen onto the second screen!"
  • "With each "groundbreaking", "must-have" widget added to the Ephone store comes another way to tune out from the real world (you know, that thing that you see through the window behind your computer screen?"
  • "Edward : Wow Philip, you've got one of those new cellphones without a keypad – the ones where you touch the screen with your fingers!"
  • "Now, please direct your attention to the screen in front of you."
  • "Now you have two screens."
  • "One, two, and we look on the screen – wow that's funny, it still says three units."
  • "I wish there were enough room on my screen to display both documents at the same time!"
  • "Philip : Who the f*&# stole my screen?"
  • "Here is your new screen!"

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