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a secretary: un(e) assistant(e), un(e) secrétaire
(Polly has strong) secretarial (skills): (Polly a de grandes compétences) d'assistante


  • "I'm the secretary."
  • "Dear Luna, Sadly, I must bring to your attention the poor performance of my secretary, Doris May PERIOD."
  • "Kevin : I'm sure you received the faxes my secretary sent over last week."
  • "As secretary of the local Ladies' Knitting Collective, I am key in determining the establishments which the ladies of this city frequent."
  • "I've got a date with that Chinese secretary from accounting."
  • "Moving on, this graph clearly shows a photograph of my secretary Doris in a Bikini."
  • "The secretary!"
  • "Maybe one day I will be Bruno's spouse and secretary."
  • "Uh, so is this your spouse, life partner or secretary?"
  • "I tried calling earlier, but your secretary informed me that you were dynamite fishing at the lake on your ranch."

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