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a section: une section, une partie, un paragraphe, une rubrique
A sub-section Une petite partie.


  • "In the Arts section, some painter died."
  • "After all, you deserve the best treatment that only a very wealthy sub-section of the population can afford."
  • "In the Comics section, Snoopy has fleas."
  • "You can ignore the last section... that's for a personal project I'm working on!"
  • "So I picked a DVD at random from the Foreign Films section."
  • "The Delavigne stand is located in a prominent position, and customers reach our section before they get to Kalvin Krime, which is always a good thing."
  • "I have copied and pasted the section of the report which concerns me below"
  • "It has been suggested that nerd be merged into this article or section."
  • "If you're his father, we give you special table, VIP section."
  • "In the Sports section, stories of steroid abuse."

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