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tomorrow: demain
See you tomorrow. A demain.
Tomorrow is another day. Demain est un autre jour.


  • "Could you come back tomorrow?"
  • "Before we get started, I'd like to remind you that tomorrow's activities include camel boxing, camel racing, and of course the camel swimsuit competition!"
  • "This here is going to be your crew for the thing we're gonna do tomorrow."
  • "I just called to say that I had a great time and you should call me tomorrow or in two days."
  • "Well, we will look for Bruno and Susie tomorrow, but we have nothing to do tonight."
  • "Then tomorrow we look for Bruno and Susie."
  • "I'd like to schedule our first meeting for tomorrow morning, first thing."
  • "We leave tomorrow morning."
  • "I'll be ready for tomorrow!"

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