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(He's) truly (in love): (Il est) vraiment, réellement (amoureux)
I am truly sorry to hear that. Je suis vraiment navré de l'apprendre.
Yours truly, (end of letter): Mes sentiments respectueux, Cordialement (fin de lettre)

Pronunciation examples
UK: I love you. I really do. Truly, I do.
US: Margaret truly is a horrible person.


  • "We wanted to give our customers a truly positive experience"
  • "It seems our guided meditations combined with severe electroshock therapy have been truly beneficial for you."
  • "Can a president truly be effective when he has to walk a small dog twice a day?"
  • "That song was truly awful."
  • "This fragrance contrasts exotic fruits and lush florals for a truly sophisticated smelling experience."
  • "Horatio : Can you truly call this art, Brian?"
  • "We hope that you find our facilities truly relaxing."
  • "Congratulations on choosing Slick Brand Solutions to help repair your company's shattered reputation following your truly embarrassing nude photo leak."
  • "Being a privileged white European male is truly the ultimate burden."
  • "They truly are the masters of disruptive technology."

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