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a veterinarian, a "vet": un vétérinaire, un "véto"


  • "Embarrassed zoo employees say that killing such "problem animals" is standard procedure, and reported that Shoshana will be given a lethal injection in a private ceremony attended by only a veterinarian and a priest."
  • "I have a pressing appointment with my veterinarian."
  • "Dr. Gilchrist : The vet you visited is obviously mentally unstable."
  • "Trey : Alice, now you might want to take Mittens to the veterinarian."
  • "Last time I visited the veterinarian, she told me Stink was fine."
  • "I'm not some laboratory animal, to be studied by doctors or veterinarians."
  • "The bear shot by Warbuckle, affectionately known as "Cinnamon" by the veterinarians supervising its recovery, is in stable condition at the Amarillo Valley Bear Clinic."

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