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to (strongly) agree with sbdy (to do, on doing sthg): être (complètement) d'accord avec qq'un (pour faire qq chose)
I don't agree with his decision. Je ne suis pas d'accord avec sa décision.
I haven't agreed on going to the movies with you yet. Je n'ai pas encore donné mon accord pour aller au cinéma avec toi.

to (strongly) disagree (with sbdy): ne pas (du tout) être d'accord (avec qq'un)

Agreed!: D'accord ! OK ! Entendu !


  • "Would you agree?"
  • "Bruno : I agree."
  • "Judge : Agreed!"
  • "There's no time to disagree"
  • "Philip : I agree, let's go eat something."
  • "PS: You'll all need to sign waivers agreeing not to sue if you get hurt or die."
  • "Two drivers politely disagree over who has right of way at stop sign"
  • "Bruno : Listen, Brian, I'm sorry but we both agreed, if I let you become president of Europe AND keep your job at Delavigne, you would need to be willing to make some sacrifices."
  • "Horatio : I disagree."

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