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Traduction Away from one's desk

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(to be) away from (one's desk): (être) absent, loin, à l'extérieur (de son bureau)
Mr. Delavigne is away from his desk right now. May I take a message? Mr. Delavigne est absent de son bureau pour le moment. Puis-je prendre un message?


  • "I'm either away from my desk or taking another call right now."
  • "Miss Stake : It seems to me that you spend a lot of time away from the office, Miss Bliss."
  • "Icarus : Actually, I have been away from work for a few days due to health problems. I've been suffering from extreme stress."
  • "I am either away from my desk or taking another call."
  • "I'm away from my office or on the phone right now, but please leave a detailed message with your name and phone number at the tone, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."
  • "This program only applies for transfers away from America."
  • "I am currently away from my desk or taking another call."
  • "As you may know, I have a growing family and my children demand most of my free time away from work."

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