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a businessman: un homme d'affaires, un "businessman"
Attention au pluriel: businessmen

a businesswoman: une femme d'affaires
Attention au pluriel businesswomen


  • "An outspoken conservative businessman, speaking on condition of anonymity, went so far as to say that the new line is another ploy by liberals to exploit easily-influenced consumers."
  • "Apparently every serious businessman needs one, or that was the gist of it."
  • "Conclusions : Bruno Delavigne, defendant and San Francisco-based businessman, is excluded as the biological father of plaintiff, Danica Delavigne, Australian-born troublemaker."
  • "I'm a businessman, I do business, man."
  • "My passion is causing trouble for legitimate businessmen like you."
  • "No businessmen wearing suits, just groupies and rock "n" roll babes wearing."
  • "Chinese businessmen are no longer content to dominate the production end as they have for the last few decades;"
  • "It's a business trip, and I am a businessman, so I decided to go business class."
  • "You could call yourself a "businessman", or "entrepreneur" for example."
  • "And then I'm afraid I can't meet you for lunch because I have to learn Chinese - I'm giving a presentation to a group of Asian businessmen at 2pm.."

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