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a companion: un compagnon

a dream companion: un compagnon de rêve


  • "I've found your new companion - it's a horse!"
  • "Why don't you become his new companion?"
  • "you could go to the pet store, and see if they have any companions there."
  • "- The lifestyle you've always dreamed of: Foreign holidays, fast cars, expensive gifts for your spouse / companion."
  • "Brian : I have to find a new companion for Bruno!"
  • "Yes, I demand recompense for the slaughter of my beloved companion, who served me so well over the years."
  • "I shall take a new companion."
  • "My new companion shall not be British, nor shall it be you."
  • "Take a new companion."
  • "What matters is that this new companion shall be good, strong and wise."

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