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to import: importer
We imported these lamps from China. Nous avons importé ces lampes de Chine.

an import: une importation, un produit importé
Try out these new imports from Amsterdam. Essayez ces nouveaux produits importés d'Amsterdam.


  • "Mrs Lee : Import?"
  • "No longer is our economy driven by gold mining, the logging industry, and import and export, as it was just two centuries ago."
  • "Mrs. Lee : Import?"
  • "Would you have to import raw materials?"
  • "Icarus : Mr. Oléré, in your latest shipment you've got oils from Tasmania, Edelweiss extract imported from Austria, and 700 thoraxes from the African honey bee!"
  • "Delavigne imports most of its materials from Asia, and it's obvious that we do this to cut costs."
  • "However a boycott of imported and remotely-produced goods would be simply irrational."

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