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Next!: Suivant !

next (week): (la semaine) prochaine

next: à suivre, ensuite, après


  • "Apparently they're going to be married in Las Vegas next weekend."
  • "In a surprising announcement yesterday, a spokesman for the tiny island nation of Zirconda expressed the country's desire to join the European Union as a member country sometime in the next decade."
  • "What is our next move?"
  • "I'm going to the next level!"
  • "Every passenger on this plane who had fish for dinner will become violently ill in the next half hour."
  • "Nice work. Next!"
  • "Brent : Stay tuned, everyone: in the next segment we'll meet a dog who conducts electricity!"
  • "I can only imagine what might be next."
  • "Journalist 2 : Mr. Delavigne, what do you plan on doing next?"
  • "You're ready to move on to the next level."

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