Ecco la testimonianza diAndrew C.

I've occasionally had to work in French throughout my career - mainly in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia - but since finishing high school (40 years ago) I've only had a few weeks of formal training in French when I took a short 'professional French' course 20 years ago. Last summer I joined a team delivering a series of seminars to senior finance officials in Tunisia - I had to write all my material in French and deliver all my seminars in French. I could hear myself making terrible mistakes, but I got through it and, I think, managed fairly well. As I was delivering that intense series of seminars I promised myself that I would reward myself at the end of it by doing a formal training course to upgrade my French. I've been delighted with Frantastique - you must have done a lot of work on identifying what foreigners get wrong/find hard in French (J'ai visité la Tunisie, but j'ai rendu visite à Olivier; cette verre est à Olivier, but la verre d'Olivier, je pense que tu es heureux but je ne pense pas que tu sois heureux etc etc etc). Also, the vocabulary and expressions are things that I actually use.). I like that I can do Monday-Friday only (Duolingo offers no such facility to turn off the weekends) and with lessons taking only 5-10 minutes I can always fit them into the day at some point.

— Andrew C. (London, UNITED KINGDOM)