Frantastique Reviews: Elizabeth S. (Luanda, ANGOLA)

Elizabeth S. Stória

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Ecco alcune storie vere e di persone reali, piene d'ispirazione! Ricordati di condividere la tua!

I've been exposed to French since I was a small kid in the mid 80s. My big brother was a student at the Alliance Française de Luanda and so I used to sneak a peek at his materials. Unfortunately, I've never been able to build a 'solid' relationship with French because English came in between us. I'm however deeply passionate about this language. There's something special peut-être magique about the sounds and the melody of the French language and hopefully Frantastique will offer a whole new experience. I wish I could find here quelques gens pour plus pratiquer... Est-ce que ce possible, ici?

— Elizabeth S. (Luanda, ANGOLA)