Ecco la testimonianza diLauris R.

I don't know how much Gymglish has changed my life, however there are a few alterations. I love to spend these 20 minutes nearly every morning at the computer, (or sometimes in the evening) - it is always exciting. I don't have the opportunity to speak or directly use English in my daily life, except reading news feeds on Internet. The reason that I choose this type of learning is to become better at English, not to be the type of superficial speaker that we have around here in Europe, where many people use English in a primitive way. I studied English 17 years ago at secondary school, but since then, I haven't had a chance to practice much. I appreciate what you guys are doing! There are many grammar points that I neglected and missed (or never knew), now I am relearning them from scratch. Of course, some things are well established in my head. I like how you explain things in different ways and after repetition, knowledge is acquired. I also read electronic books on Kindle, and I have overcome the stage when looking up words for translation is longer than actual reading. I also use English during my travels and have a couple of pen pals. Once again, thank you!

— Lauris R. (Riga, LATVIA)