Ecco la testimonianza diMichèle S.

Good evening everybody, My name is Michèle. One day, I saw a ad of Gymglish in the 'Le Monde' newspaper. I sent my e-mail and I received my first lesson. It was very pleasant.These lessons made a difference in my life because I learnt English at school only in a traditional manner. Gymglish lessons are very different. It's great! I enjoy doing these lessons because I improve my English and when I make a mistake, I learn also. I love particularly the audio because it's difficult to follow a discussion when English or American people speak quickly but it's very interesting. I think that it's the best means to make progress. So, I enjoy the evening when after work, I do my daily lesson. It's a pleasure that I am waiting all the day long. I'm sending you my photo when I was on holidays in Argentina in November-December 2012. It was a dream that came true last year. Thank you very much for your investment to help me make progress in English Best regards to the Gymglish team.