Annette J. verhaal

Verhalen van anderen zijn een inspiratie voor onze eigen levens.
Dit zijn echte ervaringen van echte mensen die ons inspireren. Vertel ons ook jouw verhaal!

My wonderful team of Frantastique teachers, You will surely be surprised when I reveal my identity. I am a religious sister belonging to the congregation of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. As a missionary sister we are sent to various parts of the world. So I am sent from my country of origin India to Canada. My previous mission before coming to Montreal was Nunavut in the Arctic with the Inuit. In the photo you will find me clad in Caribou skin attire. While I was there I was asked to do written translations for our documents from French to English at an international level. I felt my French was limited. So when I came to Montreal, I surfed through the internet and my eyes fell on your webpage ‘Frantastique’ and I dared to launch into this demanding but interesting voyage for a year “Dans Un Vaisseau Spatial”. There are many reasons why I enjoyed this course. 1. Your personalized formation you even addressed me by my name when explaining lessons. 2. Choice of lessons and interesting themes and characters like Mr. Therrien, Solange, Marcel and Muriel Petite, Victor Hugo, Bertrand Lefebvre and so on. 3. I also enjoyed your dessert du jour and café Gourmand where you introduced me to French literature, art and music. 4. Your translation from French to English is excellent with a touch of humor and wit and this has certainly helped me in preparing me for the translations. 5. The punctuality and friendly way of responding to my questions and doubts encouraged me to plunge ahead. I feel that I know you my dear staff very well and I feel very close to you. I am your oldest student ( 70 years old) but I feel very young at heart. I will be out of Canada for the months of September and October for the translation purpose and as such I will have to discontinue the program for those months. I don’t know when will the Last date of this program would be. I wish I could complete this program and receive a valuable certificate from you. After this program Perhaps I could follow some lessons in translation. I will decide on it later on. After following your program, I started writing in French which I never did before and I feel more comfortable in speaking and doing the translations. I am deeply grateful to you my dear teachers. May God bless you and make of you a blessing. Your grateful Student, Sr. Annette John Fmm

— Annette J. (Montreal, FRANCE)