Frantastique Reviews: Ria S. (Leuven, Vlaanderen, België, BELGIUM)

Ria S. verhaal

Verhalen van anderen zijn een inspiratie voor onze eigen levens.
Dit zijn echte ervaringen van echte mensen die ons inspireren. Vertel ons ook jouw verhaal!

Dear co-students. My story is a bit different to yours. I live in the Flemish part of Belgium and my French was good enough to speak and converse all over the country, also in the French-speaking south. I wanted to upgrade my English and started with Gymglish. It was a terrific idea and I am still following the courses regularly. At this moment, I am on lesson 604 and I still love it. I told some friends about it and I have been rewarded for making new supporters. Instead of more English lessons as reward, I preferred to see if the French lessons were as good and as humorous. And they are, for sure. Et entre-temps mon français s'est amélioré. J'ai appris des mots que je ne connaissais pas, j'ai réussi à utiliser le passé simple, cette forme littéraire que l'on n'emploie guère en parlant... Merci Gymglish, merci Frantastique !

— Ria S. (Leuven, Vlaanderen, België, BELGIUM)