Marie-Claudine N. verhaal

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I am from Kigali, Rwanda. My mother tongue is Kinyarwanda. But, since I began my primary studies I took some French courses. From Secondary to university we studied subjects in French apart from some English credits. When I started working, I used French and Kinyarwanda only. I was unable to speak, or to write even a short sentence in English. However, my country is speaking English more and more. That's why I need to become more familiar with this language. I started to learn English with different teachers face to face, unfortunately, I couldn't continue because of lack of time. I had to give up the course. That is why I am very happy to study English with Gymglish because I can study according to my schedule. I find that I am not taking enough advantage of my English course because I don’t have enough time to revise and to practice. However, if I were to compare my English level before and after studying with Gymglish, I find a certain improvement… Therefore, I’m very happy to have started this program, even if I found it challenging. Now I can read, I make fewer grammar mistakes and I hope to improve my English as my lessons progress.

— Marie-Claudine N. (Kigali, RWANDA)