Gymglish Reviews: Nathalie T. (ST PRIEST, FRANCE)

Nathalie T. verhaal

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I discovered Gymglish randomly while I was searching applications to perfect my poor English. I tried yours. I thought before committing because I don't have much time between my job and my passion. I work 45 hours or more and I practice line dance between 6 or 15 hours in a week. But I have a dream, me too, it's to speak English, to understand what I hear in music, in country music. It's difficult for me to meet the challenge but I try and I'm happy to read or to listen to Delavigne and co's adventures, I like to learn about a lot of different subjects. It's perfect to learn more day after day. Day after day I search for a half hour to have my lesson when I'm eating, when I'm coming back from dance, sometimes before turning off the light... sometimes it's impossible.... Thanks for your lessons

— Nathalie T. (ST PRIEST, FRANCE)