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Tradução & Definição

again: outra vez, de novo
Try again! Tente outra vez!
I'd like to watch the movie again. Eu gostaria de ver o filme outra vez.
He will never talk to me again. Ele não falará comigo nunca mais.
É preciso distinguir again de still (ainda) e yet
He is sick again. Ele está doente outra vez (de novo).
He is still sick. Ele ainda está doente.
He has not recovered yet. Ele ainda não se recuperou.
once again: mais uma vez, novamente


  • "Brian : You just did it again!"
  • "On behalf of the entire flight crew, we would like to thank you once again for choosing English Airlines, and we wish you a pleasant stay in London, or wherever your travels may take you."
  • "Susie : Oh come on now, Samantha, look, she's crying again."
  • "Susie : Again?"
  • "Horatio : Are you going to cry again, Brian?"
  • "Anyhow, next week I will be in your "neck of the forest"* (again, I hope I've used the expression correctly)."
  • "Once again it would seem that Delavigne's bank balance is smelling of roses."
  • "I know you must be anxious to hear her beautiful voice again."
  • "Susie : So there I was with my best mates, and it was just like old times again, before I became CEO of Delavigne, before Jean proposed marriage, before Bruno took me away in his helicopter."
  • "But again, it seemed like we weren't quite on the same wavelength."

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