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Tradução & Definição

a benefit: um benefício, uma vantagem, um proveito
Atenção: 'benefício econômico se traduz como profit
benefits benefícios, subsídio, auxílio financeiro
to benefit (from sthg): beneficiar-se (de alguma coisa), tirar proveito, receber auxílio
(We did all this) for your benefit: Fizemos tudo isso para o seu bem, em seu benefício


  • "You need to be thinking for the long term. These changes may be difficult to implement but the benefits far outweigh the initial effort."
  • "You're right that the benefits of green-roof technologies are poorly understood in America."
  • "Perhaps the benefits of the internet outweigh any damage it may cause to the environment?"
  • "While the benefits of sleep are numerous, it seems clear that the dangers of NOT sleeping outweigh them considerably."
  • "You mean there's a benefit to being unemployed?"
  • "Brazilian 1 Minute massage: Providing busy professionals with all the benefits of a full body massage in a fraction of the time!"
  • "Are you just doing this for the tax benefits?"
  • "Being "in charge" has many benefits, the best is having your staff bring you coffee and doughnuts."
  • "Therefore we'd like you to avoid the following words and expressions (I've explained the more difficult ones for your benefit)"
  • "Through the help of my personal trainer and spiritual guru, Philip Cheeter, I have discovered the benefits of a strict nutritional regimen and regular physical fitness."

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