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Tradução & Definição

to bother: incomodar, chatear, amolar
Don't bother calling Susie back, as she's on vacation until next Tuesday. Não se preocupe em ligar de volta para a Susie, pois ela está de férias até a próxima terça-feira.
Stop bothering me, Philip. Pare de me incomodar, Philip.
I couldn't be bothered (to have a shower this morning): eu estava com preguiça (de tomar banho esta manhã)

Pronunciation examples
UK: Stop bothering me, Philip.
US: I'm not bothering you, am I?


  • "It would be a shame to have to bother Bruno with this."
  • "Don't let me bother you though."
  • "However, I now have an answer to all of your concerns: health and safety, hygiene, nutrition, freshness of food, vegetarian options, vegan options, gluten-free options, kosher options, halal options, nut allergies, and all the other things you're always bothering me about."
  • "No one bothers you in the window seat."
  • "John : Oh, ok, sorry to bother you."
  • "Brian : You mean are you bothering me?"
  • "I can get up without bothering anyone, and there's more room for my legs."
  • "I will meet you Thursday evening at the factory, at 6.00 PM. Don't worry about bothering the employees, they are used to working irregular hours and shifts."
  • "I want to bother you."

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