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Tradução & Definição

a (sport, leisure) facility: um estabelecimento, um complexo (esportivo)
We also have a manufacturing facility in Indonesia. Temos também um complexo de manufatura na Indonésia.
the facilities: as instalações, a infraestrutura, os serviços, os recursos
The school has just built new sporting facilities. A escola acabou de construir novas instalações esportivas.
(to have) a facility (for languages): (ter) facilidade (para idiomas)


  • "Curtis Blow : I'll be inspecting your facilities, looking out for any hazards, that sort of thing."
  • "I'll visit our facilities in Asia myself, if I have to."
  • "We have trading partners all over the world, improving educational facilities, and natural resources which will last us for centuries."
  • "Angry factory workers in Indonesia actually raided their own facility and stole merchandise and equipment from the company."
  • "Nevertheless, we thought you could benefit from a friendly reminder as to the rules of the facility"
  • "You could work part time, not to mention there are crèche facilities."
  • "Most recently, while working in a special division of the British government, I demonstrated an exceptional facility for efficiency, organisation, discretion and meeting deadlines."
  • "We hope that you find our facilities truly relaxing."
  • "For a small extra cost, passengers can choose to have some legroom and a seatbelt, and use the toilet facilities!"
  • "A lack of leisure facilities has been suggested as being one of the main causes."

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