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Tradução & Definição

a fact: um fato
I need some facts. Eu preciso de alguns dados/informações.
A expressão facts and figures quer dizer "dados e estatísticas" ou "informações precisas".
the simple fact that...: o fato é que...
(But) the fact is (that she's innocent): (Mas) o fato é (que ela é inocente)


  • "Folks, we've all made mistakes like this at one point or another, so let's reserve judgment until we have all the facts."
  • "Facts and clues"
  • "Perhaps you were his customer, perhaps his grandchild, or perhaps a stranger who just likes to attend funerals, but the fact is, that with Xavier, everyone felt like his friend."
  • "Fact: on this day, 30 years ago, Bruno Delavigne sold his first perfume!"
  • "Sigourney : Well Bruno, it's my duty as a journalist to report on the facts."
  • ""Facts" will not be used in my arguments."
  • "By way of an introduction, let me begin with a simple fact about myself: I am a smoker."
  • "The fact is that Horatio and I thought we were going to die, but we didn't."

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