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Tradução & Definição

fancy: sofisticado, chique, elegante
Horatio doesn't need any fancy technology in his laboratory. Horatio não tem necessidade de nenhuma tecnologia sofisticada em seu laboratório.
What a fancy restaurant! Que restaurante chique!
to fancy (a coffee): ter vontade de, querer (um café)
I fancy going to the movies tonight. Quero ir ao cinema esta noite.
What do you fancy for dinner? O que você quer para o jantar?

Pronunciation examples
UK: I really fancy a nice cup of tea.
US: That's a very fancy hat you're wearing.


  • "That's a fancy area."
  • "Jean, check out these fancy idioms to add some colour to your future conversations!"
  • "I speak with a fancy little accent and my best friend is the Queen of England."
  • "Mr. Delavigne, staying at a fancy hotel and not at the Olympic village, was the only surviving competitor."
  • "Fancy mushroom thing with ostrich eggs and bacon"
  • "I noticed you've got a fancy yellow tennis racket."
  • "I understand that you wanted to marry a rich guy, at least that makes sense, but yet here you are back in London with nothing to show for it, not even a fancy diamond ring."
  • "Since you're always hosting me in your fancy San Francisco offices, I think it's my turn to return the favor, so I'd like to extend a formal invitation to my new ranch in Crawford, Texas."

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