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Tradução & Definição

I've been known to (have a drink or two): Sou conhecido como alguém que (bebe um drinque ou dois)
He is known (as a party animal): Ele tem fama (de ser um grande amante de festas)
Michael Jordan is also known as "Air Jordan". Michael Jordan também é conhecido como "Air Jordan".


  • ""Down with the Duke" are known for their anarchist tendencies, pulsating tambourine rhythms, and filthy lyrics."
  • "-They have been known to eat cats (particularly ALF)"
  • "We're known for our dairy products, wildlife, stunning natural beauty, and our outstanding rugby team."
  • "Ms. Lohan is known for her abnormally large shoulders and allergy to avocados."
  • "We're known for our wildlife, especially the unique marsupials that live here."
  • "Boston is also known for its large population of Irish and Italian immigrants!"
  • "Rogers, known for his radical and innovative buildings, has designed a structure which resembles a snail."
  • "It's from Silke Banowski from Krefeld, Germany, known for its impressive Wasserburg."
  • "Please forgive me for my absence, and wish me luck as I visit one of America's oldest and most famous cities, known for its lobsters and difficult-to-understand accents!"

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