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Tradução & Definição

overseas: no exterior, em outros países
I have been living overseas for 15 years. Eu moro no exterior há quinze anos.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I did my studies overseas because I'm terribly rich.
US: I take at least eight overseas vacations per year.


  • "It outlines our projected earnings for the quarter and offers a comprehensive listing of our new overseas prospects."
  • "In fact, the majority of Swedes speak excellent English thanks to a strong foreign trade policy, frequent overseas travel, and subtitled films in their original versions."
  • "Horatio : This month I needed special ingredients from overseas."
  • "It could be some bad investments overseas."
  • "You going overseas?"
  • "Overseas Airfare"
  • "Connors works with our subcontractors overseas, particularly in Asia."
  • "Works with all DC subcontractors overseas, particularly in Asia."

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