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Tradução & Definição

to put on (a t-shirt): vestir, pôr, colocar, usar (uma camiseta)
It's cold outside. Don't forget to put on your scarf. Está frio lá fora. Não esqueça de usar seu cachecol.

Esse verbo é irregular
I put on / I put on / I have put on


  • "Come on Olaf, put your mask on!"
  • "Put it on when you're out with your mates"
  • "That's no problem. Just put it on a boat tomorrow and it will be there in time."
  • "Before we enter, please put on these sandals and take this water pistol... just in case."
  • "Well, I'm just going to put on my pajamas, and then I'll be right there."
  • "Put it on when you're all alone"
  • "Susie : Put it on your skin now!"
  • "Must get to the dance floor... play with a snake, put on trousers, photocopy Philip's butt."
  • "I made two mistakes that day: not putting on my seatbelt (and suffering horrific nasal injuries as a result) and not renewing my auto insurance."

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