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Tradução & Definição

really: realmente, de fato, de verdade, verdadeiramente
-I'm the Czar of Kalackistan. -Really? - Eu sou o Czar do Kalackistan. -De verdade? / - É mesmo?

Pronunciation examples
UK: I really am the Queen of Sheba.
US: I don't really believe you.


  • "It's really cold here!"
  • "Icarus : Yes, you really rocked the house, Mr. Lucky."
  • "You will make someone really happy someday."
  • "Well I think the goal was to express the problem in matrix form, so we're really maximizing C to the power of T times X, which is subject to AX smaller than or equal to B, with X being greater than or equal to zero."
  • "What I really needed was to spend a bit of time with my best mates Samantha and Jenny, who I've known for ages."
  • "Let's show these people what you can really do!"
  • "I should really report you to the police, but I will take great pleasure in dealing with this matter personally."
  • "Don't be shy, really get your nose right in there."
  • "And that's when things got really interesting."
  • "However, I really want to see this."

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