Tradução To be undergoing something

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Tradução & Definição

to be undergoing (some changes): sofrer, vivenciar (algumas mudanças)
It's normal for all teenagers to undergo some important changes during adolescence. É normal que os jovens experimentem algumas mudanças importantes durante a adolescência.
Kevin is undergoing a minor procedure on his uvula, and won't be working on Tuesday. Kevin será submetido a uma pequena cirurgia em sua úvula e portanto não comparecerá ao trabalho na terça-feira.
to undergo: sofrer, experimentar


  • "The Perfume Hut will be undergoing some significant changes: substantial budget cuts, and major downsizing are in store for the company."
  • "After undergoing successful therapy, I have now embarked upon the greatest endeavor of my career - becoming a painter."
  • "Bruno has decided not to take any disciplinary action for this massive error in judgment, however he has decided that you should undergo a mandatory session with me in HR for some pointers."
  • "According to clause 517b, paragraph 3, bullet point C of our staff contracts, all new employees of the Delavigne Corporation must undergo a physical examination within the first 6 months of their employment."
  • "First of all, just minutes before Mr. Connors and Mr. Marron collided with the giant Oak tree on Ashbury street, the two were at Mount Sinai hospital, where Mr. Connors underwent a serious operation to correct his vision (the surgery was a success)."

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