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Tradução & Definição

a value: um valor
Someone of great value Alguém de grande valor
to value: valorizar, apreciar, cuidar
I really value his presence here at the company. Eu realmente valorizo a presença dele aqui na empresa.
valued: de valor, estimado, apreciado, precioso

Pronunciation examples
UK: The Labour Party's values have been lost.
US: I really value your work: you're a valued member of this team.


  • "Brian : Well it says here he's talking about the value of networking in business."
  • "The basic philosophy behind the movement is that eating locally has ecological value: The carbon footprint of Kobe beef which has made the trip from Japan to New York has more of an environmental impact than a piece of fresh meat from the local farmer's market."
  • "Innovative financial expert adept at building enterprise value"
  • "'The march may be infiltrated by liberal radicals intent on spreading anti-American propaganda and denouncing traditional American values."
  • "In an attempt to teach you the value of money, you will receive $300 to last you to the end of the month."
  • "It's not as if the value of art depreciates over time."
  • "The value of a good night's sleep has long been known, however science continues to quantify just how important it is."
  • "Dear valued associate"
  • "Dear valued PlasterCard customer"
  • "Republicans are sometimes called "conservatives", which refers both to their conservative views on the economy, but also to their social values."

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