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Tradução & Definição

to remind (sbdy) of (sthg), to remind that: lembrar (alguém) de (alguma coisa), lembrar que
I am reminding you that we have a meeting on Monday. Estou te lembrando que temos uma reunião na segunda-feira.
Can you remind me to go to the post office? Você pode me lembrar de ir aos correios?


  • "Only serve to keep reminding me of how much I missed you."
  • "Do you have any music that would remind me of home?"
  • "I'd just like to remind everyone that I organised a picnic this weekend, and I didn't see any of your faces there!"
  • "Apparently, the painting reminds him very much of his grandmother, who was also red, ugly and had your signature on her bottom."
  • "I remind you that my home country, Ozsglackastan, is not yet part of Europe - the EU is not crazy enough to let us join."
  • "
    Your e-mail reminded me of the time I broke up with my only ex-girlfriend.
  • "Reminds me of my first hit."
  • "You've certainly reminded why I came to live in America."
  • "I'm writing because I'm contractually obliged to remind you that today is the "Delavigne talent show", also known as "Delavigne's got talent"."
  • "He says that it reminds him of his youth in an Uzbekh clown prison, but did not elaborate."

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