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Traducción & Definición

against: contra, en contra de
I played tennis against Bjorn Borg yesterday. Ayer jugué al tenis contra Bjorn Borg.
I sat down with my back against the wall. Me senté con la espalda contra la pared.
This politician is against abortion. Este político está en contra del aborto.
against the grain a contracorriente
to be against (something): estar en contra de, oponerse a (algo)
I am against this marriage. Me opongo a esta boda.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm sitting against a wall.
US: This politician is against capital punishment.


  • "I have some very important news about the criminal cases against you Mr. Capone."
  • "We are against it."
  • "Professor Hyppolyte Fabuleux said "Ever since the French flu pandemic of 1873, our nation has worn scarves to protect against the common cold and flu."
  • "Hannah : I'd like to discuss the CIA's alleged use of torture techniques against terror suspects."
  • "Brian : Well it's against company policy, but just this once..."
  • "Scientists unveil new deterrent against bird flu"
  • "In the event of an accident, if someone files a claim against you, you could be liable for thousands of dollars in damages."
  • "Since I was no longer covered, my insurance claim against Kalvin Krime was refused, even though the truck driver was the responsible party."
  • "A team of French scientists is claiming a major breakthrough in the fight against the avian influenza virus (or "bird flu"): a bird-sized scarf made of wool."
  • "Hands against the wall."

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