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Traducción & Definición

to assure: asegurar
I (can) assure you that the package will arrive tomorrow morning. Te aseguro que el paquete llegará mañana por la mañana.
rest assured that: Descuiden, queden tranquilos
Rest assured that we will not lose money on this deal. Descuiden, no perderemos dinero con este acuerdo.


  • "Strictly business, I assure you."
  • "And rest assured your voice has been heard."
  • "Sam : Well, it's all there Bruno, I assure you, with your signature at the bottom. It seems that you did actually agree to the terms of the loans when you signed seven years ago."
  • "Do this task that I ask of you, and your redemption will be assured."
  • "Furthermore, regarding your concerns for the budget, I assure you that we're not in danger of going bankrupt anytime soon!"
  • "Susie : I can assure you - that's not at all what we were trying to do."
  • "It's true that Sam is a bit of a character, but I assure you that he is a pro."
  • "Trey : I assure you sir, all applications at Delavigne are carefully reviewed."
  • "Susie : Those animals are voluntary assistants to our Research and Development team. I can assure you that they are well compensated for their participation."
  • "I can assure you that those are simply craters and valleys on the moon's surface."

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